On the Needles

  • Tivoli/ Picovoli
    Pattern: Magknits
    Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cathay
  • Roundabout Leaf Tank
    Pattern: Knitting Nature
    Yarn: Berocco Denim Silk
  • Monk and the Sweater
    Pattern: My own
    Yarn: RY Cashsoft DK
  • Comfy Socks
    Pattern: Greetings from Knit Cafe
    Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas and GGH Soft Kid
  • Diagonal Triangle Tank
    Pattern: Artyarns
    Yarn: Artyarns Royal Silk and Silk Ribbon
  • Shani
    Pattern: My own
    Yarn: GGH Esprit


Other Things I Do

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Where can I purchase the Argyle sweaters that Josh Hartnett is wearing
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oh! its winter, the sweaters are so useful for those days! i really love them!!

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That's a lovely Green Gable sweater. It really does fit you perfectly.


That's the nicest Green Gables I've seen. It's such a beautiful fit & colour!


It came out beautifully! Great job!!


looks really cute...and a perfect fit.

Carlene Vitale

Wow, you find the best and most flattering patterns! Everything you make looks great on you. Really looking forward to seeing your original designs!


It was great to see you last night and Green Gables looks great in person! Any chance that you'll come to KC on Sunday? I'm trying to get a little group together to go, and will probably arrive around 11.


Looks great!

I'm actually considering getting one started myself.


I also see you've been knitting from Greetings from the Knit Cafe.

I've REALLY been lusting over that book for awhile. Is it worth it?



That is a fabulous top! It fits you so well. Oh, great, now I have to make one of those, too.

Hmmmm, I seem to remember about 10 hanks of Cotton Classic in my stash...


It looks great and it fits. YAY!


TheGreen Gable sweater is super!! Looks great on you. I like that front neckline.


It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! That turned out great! I'm still working on my guage for this top but I'll get started soon. I know what you mean about summer cotton tops! I'm just putting the finishing touches on the Honeymoon Cami from Knitty.


Nice GG! Where did you find the pattern for that great Diagonal Triangle Tank?!?!


It was worth it to start over -- that looks great on you. Please keep us posted on your cotton tanktop progress. I've bought yarn for one, but I'm a little nervous to start on it.

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