On the Needles

  • Tivoli/ Picovoli
    Pattern: Magknits
    Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cathay
  • Roundabout Leaf Tank
    Pattern: Knitting Nature
    Yarn: Berocco Denim Silk
  • Monk and the Sweater
    Pattern: My own
    Yarn: RY Cashsoft DK
  • Comfy Socks
    Pattern: Greetings from Knit Cafe
    Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas and GGH Soft Kid
  • Diagonal Triangle Tank
    Pattern: Artyarns
    Yarn: Artyarns Royal Silk and Silk Ribbon
  • Shani
    Pattern: My own
    Yarn: GGH Esprit


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I was born in San Diego but lived in the midwest for most of my life and Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I love to go back there and visit.


Hello - you are by far the coolest adcom i've come across - I hope you are my interviewer!


Hello - you are by far the coolest adcom i've come across - I hope you are my interviewer!


I read your blog yesterday and saw the part about the blanket with the stain in it.

If you still have it, there's a stain remover called De-Solv-It that I bought at Wal-Mart. It gets chewing gum out of hair, so it might work on that candy stain.


Good luck....Chicago is a wonderful city!
PS>>> Can you tell me where you go the great rattan handles you used on your "cable knit purse"?
They are really special.
Thanks, Diane


Stay Warm!! I've never been to Chicago, but have friends there. Good luck on your new job. I have to check, but I think my line-sister is a professor at Northwestern in the business department.

First time on your blog...its great! I'll add you to my blogroll!


Best of luck to you! Moving can be a totally amazing adventure - live it up!


How exciting good luck with the move.


Good luck with the move. I just discovered your blog and love it! Do report on your experiences in The Windy City. :-D


How's life in Chicago? Did you get all settled in? How's the first winter going? Do report in, we've missed you!!

Mary Kay

Settled in? Winterized your car? Found a fav LYS? I live 1 hour away to the north. Want to see where I knit? Welcome to the midwest.
Mary Kay


I see you have moved, so i don't know if you still have the wool, but I am interested in buying your 6 skeins of katubo brown yarn, if you still have it,


I just saw you on the Knitty Gritty! I was catching up on old episodes and there you were. Enjoy Chicago. The weather there is great for knitting!


We lived in Chicago until 3 years ago, and I still think of it as home.

You must go to Loopy Yarns. Vicki (the owner) is wonderful.


Small world. My new "online boyfriend" works for them, too. In Chicago.

Amy Lu

Congrats! And welcome to the Midwest! This has got to be the best place for knitters to live, it's so cold in winter you will have no problem coming up with an excuse to grow your stash!


now your knitting will really come in handy, keep you cozy in the winter.


Congratulations on the new job, and good luck with your move! I live in a snowy winter area, and I've always wanted to go to California, so I hope that the reverse isn't too much of a shock for you! Chicago has lots of great things (I've visited for business trips) and it sounds like you've already got a built-in knitting community which is wonderful. Good Luck!


We'll miss you! I'm working on that list...

Ellen B.

Wow! Deena! Congratulations. We'll miss you in L.A. Please keep blogging and showing us your amazing creations.
Chicago is a fabulous city...I know you'll like it.
Best of luck!


Wow! What a big change. Good luck and Conratulations!


Yay, I'm so excited for you! New job and new town. I am moving to Chicago soon, so I'm always thrilled to know other knitters/bloggers there. Get started on some hats and mittens!


Welcome to Chicago!!!!! I hope you enjoy. Maybe we can meet up one of these days.


Congrats on the move! Can't wait to see you getting use of your BEAUTIFUL knitwear!



Just think of all the warm and snuggly sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves and socks you can knit up.

Lots of luck on the move.

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